Meet Our President

Rev. Dr. Sylvia Tucker

Rev. Dr. Sylvia Tucker has led an outstanding life working in civil rights, leadership, and the community. Since 1979, she has been a dedicated member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. In 1986, Reverend Tucker helped to found the the Prince George Chapter of the SCLC. From her involvement in the SCLC, Rev. Tucker has earned a number of titles and awards that show her heart and dedication to the civil rights movement for African Americans. Notable awards include:

  • 1982-1994 - Held the title of Founder and Chairperson of the "Miss SCLC" Contest in Virginia
  • 1983 - Elected to the Board of Directors and became Historian of the State Unit of SCLC and volunteered as investigator for complaints and secretary for the State Office.
  • 1987 - Leadership Award from the Prince George Chapter SCLC
  • 2000 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Award for Religious Affairs presented by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
  • 2000 - Became Chairman of the Board of Directors which made her the first woman to hold that post.

She has served on a wide range of community organizations. Her affiliations include the Board for Healthy Families, Fourth Congressional District, Trustee for Appomattox Regional Library and Campaign Worker for the first black Congressman and Governor.

Aside from her participation in civil rights and the community, her church related activities lend to her individual growth as a mother, wife and civil servant. Rev. Dr. Sylvia Tucker is an ordained minister and is currently the Pastor of Loving Union Baptist Church, Prince George, VA - committing her life totally to God and ministering his word to others.